2023 Is Almost Here!

Hello friends! It is that time again for another calendar to come your way. This one has been very challenging to offer you a variety of casinos, with the limited options available. However, I did my best and I am excited to take you to the ones that I have planned along with the variety of special one day trips. Life is good as they say, and I am not going to sweat the small stuff! We had a great 2022 and I know we will have a great 2023 as well!

Please make note that all HoChunk casinos Rewards Play with Kim’s Tours is currently at $45 until March 31st, then it goes to $35 for the month of April and beyond April it will be either $25 or $35. 

It’s very confusing I know.

Happy Holiday’s to you all! It is crazy to think that Christmas is only weeks away. Remember if you are looking for that special gift, I have Holiday Gift Certificates just a phone call away. Please stay Healthy & Happy!

Kim  😊

      • Bring a new customer get a $5.00 certificate and new customer will also receive a $5.00 certificate.
      • Please remember that the casino reserves the right to change any package at any time.
      • It is important to arrive 25 minutes early on overnight trips and 15 minutes early on day trips to help keep the entire trip on time.
      • I encourage everyone to bring a snack as a backup on the trips, due to the limited food options available.
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Kim’s Tours Holiday Gift Certificates are available for your friends and family! Give me a call 920-887-2648 and I can mail them to you or deliver them on any trip.

Happy Holidays!!!!

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