On the road again…. Just can’t wait to get on the road again!

Well, trips for this new schedule have not been easy, as there are limited places that will allow groups. Because of this, you are going to see less variety of trips. Masks are still mandated at most places, and this will continue on the motor coach for the time being while traveling with Kim’s Tours. It is especially important to me to keep everyone safe while traveling with me. One can only hope for this pandemic to be over soon, so we can all get back to doing what we want to do, the way we like to do it! It has been so wonderful seeing everyone again and I cannot wait for the New Year to begin with all of my friends on the bus. Please stay safe and Happy Holidays to you and your families!!!

Kim  😊

      • Bring a new customer get a $5.00 certificate and new customer will also receive a $5.00 certificate.
      • Please remember that the casino reserves the right to change any package at any time.
      • It is important to arrive 20 minutes early on overnight trips and 15 minutes early on day trips to help keep the entire trip on time.
      • I encourage everyone to bring a snack as a backup on the trips, due to the limited food options available.
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